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I'm in yeovil, Somerset, and my Zortrax 200 3DPrinter is available for model makers, artists and budding designers to take advantage of.


This is a basic service delivering 3D printing at a sensible price, and ideal for anyone who wants to have a go at printing thier own ideas without the expense of buying your own printer, or paying huge costs to the bigger companies.


My reason for starting this service was due to the huge quote I was given for my parts I had designed for my model tank conversion. (£800 seemed a little steep). and my printer is often laying dormant.


The service I offer is a basic, you design it and I'll print it.

I stock ABS which is ideal for model making and prototypes, and ABS Ultrate, which is the stronger material for working parts needing more strengh.


I charge £20 for my time in setting up the printer and a set price for the material

£0.90 per 10 grams of ABS.

£1.20 per 10 grams of ABS Ultrate.

plus postage


This service is purley experemental at the moment and I'm just seeing if there is a demand for it. So if you're into printing your own ideas, and dont yet want to splash out on your own printer, then feel free to give me a call/email/text to dicuss your needs.

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