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Company Policies

I have Three Policies.

I don't like to complicate things



I will keep you informed.


If I struggle on a job, I will let you know.


If something I have done has not turned out as good as I would have liked, I will let you know.


If I feel that someone else could do the job better than me, I will let you know.


If I've got something wrong, I will lwt you know.


I've always found that I like, and trust people who are straight with me, even if I don't like what they are telling me. So if you want me to do something that I think is not a great idea, I will tell you. WE then have the opportunity to come up with a better design, or perhaps you could give me a better idea of what you want and why.



You may ask me to rehang all the doors in your house, or lay a laminate floor in your lounge.

I may make a fantastic job of it, but the important thing is that you are happy, and that when you hang over the money, toy are happy to do so.

I do work that may seem toatally mundane to some people. Work like refelting a shed roof, or putting a hook on a bedroom door. But, when I leave, my customer now has a dry shed, or at last, somewhere to put their dressing  at night.

A small job can make a huge difference



Never refuse a cuppa...