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A handyman I may be, but my main trade is that of a carpenter.

I love hanging doors.


I have been asked in the past to finish doors that have been started by a keen dIYer, but not finished due to difficulties encountered on the way. The way I see it, a door consistes of 2 faces, 4 edges, hinges and a lock, and getting them all working together is good fun.

Not always striaghtforward though, and I have many years experiance in overcoming the multitude of challenges that can happen along the way.

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A before and after picture here.


This entrance to a barn, being used as a studio for a sculpture, was in need of a new door.

The replacement was found in another barn and is a second hand one. I supplied and fitted new glass, lock and hinges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and here's the final result, ready for painting.


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This is a new opening to join 2 offices together.


I have since been back to do a similar job on a new window opening in the same office.

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A few pics of the details

door remake

I say No Job Too Strange, but this is one of jobs that stumped me.

I was asked to provide a door which matched the rest of the house, but the door size was too short to be able to provide one at a reasonable cost.

I was quoted abot £850.

Instead I put false panaling onto the old flush door. Materials cost me less than £15



Heres a job that was little different.

some sliding doors for a walled garden. the only doors that I haven't been able to fit in my van.


the old ones were wrecked to to old age.


my joiner made them, i just had the easy job of erecting and painting them

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