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Fencing and Gates

This small piece of fencing was made from offcuts from a woodland conservation job.

Nothing was straight, and it was a matter of finding the right pieces, in ther right order to make it look natural.

SDC13604 SDC13453 SDC13425 SDC13427

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Removable fencing to keep my customers chickens off the lawn.

The panals can all be lifted off and the posts can be taken up if my customer decides to do so.


The fun part of this job, was trying to dig the holes for the posts, with chickens scratching for worms at the same time

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I do a lot of fencing repairs, especially after stormy weather.

This can range from replacing a rotten gate post, to a complete run of garden fencing..

Sometimes all that is needed is to replace the fence and gate as per the original, but it can also be a good opportunity to replace with something different.


I concrete all my posts in, and aim to go a full 18" into the ground. If this is not possible due to bad ground conditions, I will discuss this with you to see what other options there may be


A nice little Picket Fence.

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20150416_085102 20150312_091009

When I first looked at this gate, it was almost on the floor.


I screwed it back together, refixed it to the wall, added bracings so it won't sag, and repositioned the bolts and hinges.

Finally, a coat of stain to finish it off.

The same garden 2 days apart.