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Laminate Flooring

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Laying Laminate Flooring is another job that I love doing.


It is hard work though, a bit like doing squat thrusts at the gym all day. If you can imagine being up and down all day.

The results are great though, and it's nice to be able to see a great result at the end of a hard days work.

I like to concentrate on the details, and if you look at the pictures above, you'll be able to see how the floor goes under the door frame and architrave. this is achieved mainly through prior planning, thinking ahead, and starting in the right place.


If I can, I like to put the run of flooring through a doorway without using a threshold. It's a matter of pride to make the finish as smooth as I can


Oak Engineered Flooring

When a regular customer of mine asked me to do engineered flooring, i was a bit apprehensive, as I hadn't taken on this work before.


To make it even more of a challenge, i had to fit a trap door in ther middle, as well as a step to a higher level at one end.


As you can see in the photo's, it turned out really well.


Some skirting fitted all round and some tailor made threshold for the door at the finished touches.